Dana Karic

Dana is a multimedia artist. She channels her creativity as an artist, a writer, blogger, a singer/songwriter and musician. She is a philanthropist and entrepreneur. She is the founder of The Happy Planet and the Art Freedom Strength Foundation.

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Who is she? We’ll let her tell you that: “I love this world! That is my greatest passion. Love! That wonderful energy of Love that is within each and every one of us! That Love that teaches and learns, understands and is compassionate. Everything I do, I do with Love as my main inspiration!

I am a lover of nature, water, books, culture and travel! I love meeting people from all over the world! I believe that we must open our hearts and give of ourselves unconditionally in order to experience all that this world has to offer – and it has A LOT to offer.

I believe people are beautiful and have such power within them. All we need do is believe that we were given all that we need: all is already within us. At times we believe our flaws stop us, but I don’t believe in flaws, we are who we were meant to be – exactly as we were meant to be – and, like that, we will fulfil our purpose. By accepting ourselves fully and using our natural gifts and talents, we fulfil our purpose and support this world.

My work with The Happy Planet is all about supporting and celebrating the people and cultures of this world and the wonderful, divine nature we have been given to safeguard. This world is ours and we are responsible for its well-being.

Love rules. Simple.

How can we go into the world and create something new if we are not secure in who we are and where we come from? I believe in loving, respecting and nurturing our most sacred relationships: the relationships with ourselves, our Creator, our family, our country and this beautiful planet Earth that is our home.