Dana has been writing for many years.
She started her blog www.thehappyplanet.co.uk as a place to inspire and motivate, today it has grown into a wonderful online home to many people who share her vision of Love, Peace and Joy.

She is excited about the release of her book ‘The Happy Planet: Recipes for Life’. You can find out more about it, here.

Dana on her writing: “Writing is my greatest love. I write every single day. I write to heal, I write to share, I write to organize myself and my thoughts, I write to explore my options and decide things, I write letters and notes! Writing for yourself is a beautiful thing. The easiest way to write is to just let the words come themselves. I don’t coax them into being, I just let them flow through me… it’s my favourite way to write”


Dana Karić – 2014 – ‘The Happy Planet: Recipes for Life’